Accreditation and Approval

The Texas School of Massage (herein also referred to as the “School”) has been licensed with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) since May 2003. The school strictly adheres to the Administrative Rules of the TDLR 16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 117.

Our Facilities and Equipment

The school is located in the Clear Lake portion of Houston at 17045 El Camino Real, Suite 120. This campus offers the following amenities:

  • Two large practical rooms uniquely designed for the training of massage technique
  • Two lecture rooms specifically designed for learning academic material
  • Five professional treatment rooms
  • A comfortable reception area
  • Two administrative offices
Waiting Room at Texas School of Massage, Houston Texas

Waiting Room at Texas School of Massage

Relaxed and Comfortable Learning Environment

We believe our students should be comfortable while learning. That is why we have separate practical rooms and lecture rooms that are uniquely and specifically designed to accommodate various class sizes easily, while keeping in mind that we do limit enrollment to facilitate a true learning experience. Our practical rooms are equipped with high quality massage tables and changing curtains to allow for a professional and ethical learning environment. Our lecture rooms are furnished with classroom tables and chairs, many visual aids, models of the human body, wall charts, and audio/visual equipment.

Spa-Like Treatment Rooms & Reception Area

The Texas School of Massage strives to maintain a professional, yet relaxed, learning and working environment. Our reception area and administrative offices reflect that goal with classic and appealing interior design, which sets the tone for the entire school atmosphere. We are proud of our school’s appearance and reputation for excellence and feel you will be as well.

Learn about Technique and Equipment

When learning massage therapy, we consider it not only important to learn technique, but also to study how to correctly utilize various types of massage therapy equipment. That is why we train our students on the “Prego” pillow, body cushion systems, massage chairs, and many other pieces of massage therapy equipment. We also provide musical accompaniment to allow the students the experience of a professional session.